Jelly and Cream Sandwich



1 sachet Mr. Hat Gulaman Strawberry
900 mL Water
½ cup White sugar
250 mL Chilled Nestle cream
410 mL Chilled cream + condensed milk (Kremdensada)
1 pack Wheat/white bread


Jelly mixture:

  1. On a saucepan mix 1 sachet of Mr. Har Gulaman Strawberry Jelly Powder and 900 mL water
  2. Put on heat and mix with ½ cup sugar until dissolved
  3. Pour onto square mold and chill

Cream mixture:

  1. Beat 410 mL chilled kremdensada until fluffy or until whip peak is formed at the tip of the whisk
  2. Add 250 mL chilled nestle cream and beat until fluffy and well combined
  3. Chill and sit for about 1 hour to make the mixture firm


  1.  Cut the edges of the bread
  2. Cut a square shape from the chilled jelly following the shape of your sandwich, set aside
  3.  Spread your cream filling onto the bread
  4. Put the jelly
  5.  Add another layer of cream filling
  6. Enclose with another slice of bread
  7. Chill for about 10 minutes to set, then serve.

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